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Master Mir Jishan Ali

Master Mir Jishan Ali is a 13 years old boy from Parganas, West Bengal. Mr. Mir Anowar Ali (father) works as a salesman in a Pharmacy and the Family going through a severe financial crisis.

Jishan Ali had suffered frequent fever which would subdue when taken medicine but would reoccur. Concerned about his health, his parents consulted several doctors for his recovery but to their dismay, he did not show any recovery. Hence the doctor advised his father to shift him to St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore.

Jishan Ali’s father consulted the doctor from St. John’s Medical College for treatment. After the medical tests were done, he was diagnosed with Non-Traumatic Tetraplegia secondary to transverse myelitis (NLI C5 AIS B), Severe anemia, Hypoproteinemia, and multiple pressure ulcers, admitted on 7th June 2021. He is suggested to stay in Hospital for 5 months according to the treatment plan.

The cost of Jishan Ali’s treatment is Rs. 1,00,000/-(Rupees one lakh only).

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