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Skill & Personality Development in Slums

Skill Development in Slums

CVF visited Nayanahalli in March, Donations of food or clothing could have seemed as possibly ‘helpful’ solutions but we realized these were temporary options. What these children needed was not sympathy or temporary fixtures that would make them more dependent. No, it was about fulfilling the long-run needs of the children, which were to help break their cycle of poverty and make them stand on their feet.

CVF wishes to create a lasting difference by giving children, the opportunity for transformational change. CVF took initiative along with the Bharavase Volunteer group mutual exchange of our vision to fulfill this dream.

The foremost requirements for these were a holistic approach, quality staff, rigorous curriculum, measurement of results, and accountability on all fronts. This thinking led to the development of the individual children, and the first learning center opened its doors.

Thus began CVF journey with the mission ‘to care, to share, to make a difference.

The journey of slum children of a daily wage earner from Bangalore slum, devoid of basic amenities, from learning and grooming himself, getting prepared psychologically, mentally and physically to finding jobs of repute in with a respectable income, does sound like Impossible. But in reality, it’s the dream of every child’s life for the neglected section and has made this beggining for around 30+ students in Bangalore. A life change that has positively affected the families too.

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