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10,00,000 /-

Aadhya who is only 1 year old baby, was hospitalized (UMR86444) Mahatma Gandhi Cancer Hospital Visakhapatnam for the last 4months due to symptoms such as a swollen stomach, high fever, and frequent colds and coughs. After conducting tests, the doctors discovered that she is diagnosed with Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), an extremely rare and life-threatening syndrome that is even more dangerous than cancer.

She has completed BMT treatment Recently. at present she requires post BMT Complications and GVHD management. The Doctors estimated the cost of the treatment is 10,00,000/- (Rupees Ten Lakhs). The estimation may vary depending upon the condition of the patient while undergoing treatment.

Aadhya’s parents, Chiranjeevi and Anjali belong to the lower middle-class category, Chiranjeevi works as an Agricultural Labourer. Her parents were devastated upon receiving the news. As their only surviving child, Aadhya held immense importance in their lives, and suddenly, she was at risk of being taken away from them.

The family is in great distress. They need your support. Help this family save their child. They live in a small rented room in Visakhapatnam for their daughter’s medical purpose. Moreover, Aadhya has a little girl. It is at this moment that the family needs support from generous donors like you. So please come forward and donate generously to the medical case.

‘’We belong to a poor family background. We don't earn much. My daughter is going through a bad phase of time. Aaditya's birth uplifted our entire family and brought joy into our lives. But now it feels like everything has ground to a halt. At this young age, when she needs to enjoy with her family, she is undergoing treatment. Please Help Us to save our daughter.”- Chiranjeevi- (Father)

Please provide PAN number to claim the benefits of 80G Receipt as per Government norms. 50% Tax Exemption under 80(G)

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Please provide PAN number to claim the benefits of 80G Receipt as per Government norms.
"your contributions are eligible for upto 50% tax benefit under section 80G"

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