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Child Vikas Foundation

Valentine's day

Child Vikas Foundation celebrated Valentine Day at Pushpavanam Old Age Home. Volunteers from our foundation visited this Old Age at Kengeri to celebrate the day by organizing fruits and food distribution for the elders.

After food distribution Volunteers danced with elders to make the day memorable for them. We believe that our parents should be our FIRST LOVE this is why we came here to celebrate. Though it’s a western culture but our thoughts are Indians.

At old age home is a shelter house where the people of older age dwell together with other older people when they have been abandoned by their family members or voluntarily admitted to it to combat loneliness during this crucial stage of life. The old-age house staffs are in charge of feeding these senior citizens on time and taking care of their medical needs. They help them cope with the routine by cleaning their clothes and utensils and helping them live the last days of their life without isolation.

Also, they conduct various recreational activities, to indulge them in and combat boring lifestyles. They entertain them so that they become happy and jolly. Also, the house inmates stay together, share their experiences and make good bonds with their friends.

People are also adopting these new lifestyles and in a way, adjusting or compromising with life. However, it is important not to forget that we have to take care of the parents during their old age because they have taken care of us and raised us with a lot of love and affection since childhood.

Finally , Wishing all the people from bottom of our heart to ensure that there should be no old age home at all. People should get all love, care, attention and support from their own family. In this way, we can become good human beings .

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