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11 - 12 Lakhs

Baby Mandala Chetravika is 5-years-old girl, daughter of Vinod Kumar and Shireesha was admitted at Rainbow Children’s Hospital with UHID: VIH-00165199, due to high fever, and frequent colds and coughs. After conducting tests, the doctors discovered that she is diagnosed with Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (Blood Cancer). She has been started on Chemotherapy as per BFM Protocol. The treatment part consists of an initial incentive phase for 6 months followed by a maintenance phase for 2 years. According to the doctors at Rainbow Children’s Hospital Banjarahills road no-2 Hyderabad, chemotherapy can save Chetravika from cancer. But the cost of the treatment is Rs 11-12 lakhs/- (Eleven to twelve lakhs Only).in case of any unexpected complications cost may go up.

This came as a cruel blow to Vinod Kumar, who is a private employee and has limited income to support his family of four. He has no way of amassing 11-12/- Lakh Rupees and cannot afford such an expensive treatment cost. They relocated from their small town to Hyderabad, Telangana in hopes of getting her the necessary treatment. However, due to a lack of funds, they have placed their hopes on you, as it is the only way to save Chetravika. Please don’t let cancer claim another beautiful soul. Donate to save Chetravika and share this fundraiser with all your friends and family members.

“I never knew cancer could be the deadliest unless it came into my family. My daughter is going through a bad phase of time. At this young age, when she needs to enjoy life with her family, she is undergoing chemotherapy. Please Help Us to save our daughter. She is five years old now, and I have no way of helping her, the best I could do is to assure her that her father would save her from pain.” - Vinod Kumar (Father)

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Please provide PAN number to claim the benefits of 80G Receipt as per Government norms.
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