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Rs.24-25/- Lakhs

Baby G Varalakshmi, D/o Shiva Kumar and Lavanya, is 2-years 1 Month old girl is facing a daunting battle against Gaucher Disease. It all began with a simple complaint of body weakness that didn't fade away. Concerned for their daughter's well-being, Varalakshmi 's parents rushed her to the local hospital, hoping for answers. But despite their worries, the issue slipped through undetected. As days passed, Varalakshmi 's troubles persisted. Determined to seek answers, her parents turned to the Rainbow Childrens Hospital Hyderabad. She was Diagnosed with Gaucher Disease with UHID no: BAH-00575065. Being a Genetic Disease, she requires Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation, which is the only curative option. As no matched donor is available, father is a donor, matched (7/10).

The doctors at Rainbow Childrens Hospital Hyderabad suggested the need to go ahead for Haplo – Identical Transplantation with father. It is a lifeline for Varalakshmi, which comes with an overwhelming price tag of Rs.24-25/- Lakhs (Rupees twenty- four to five Lakhs Only). including conditioning chemotherapy, Hospitalization, investigations, stem cell collection and transplant along with supportive care with IV antibiotics, IV antifungal, GvHD prevention & Management and Nutritional Support.

Mr. Shiva Kumar, Varalakshmi 's father, Private School Teacher and the sole provider for their family of four, the family has already sacrificed everything they possessed, in a desperate attempt to finance Varalakshmi 's treatment. Now, they find themselves devoid of resources and facing an insurmountable obstacle. Please extend your heart and show Varalakshmi the warmth of your love and kindness. Share with all your friends and consider donating to fund her treatment.

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Please provide PAN number to claim the benefits of 80G Receipt as per Government norms.
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